Portable uroflowmeter
Portable uroflowmeter is developed for outpatient and home use. Able to monitor urination disorders daily. Automated voiding diary construction. Ability to use in weight mode.
Price: 40 000 rubles.
ETTA App is available on IOS and Android
Nethealth App is available on IOS and Android

ETTA App is available on IOS and Android
Nethealth App is available on IOS and Android


  • Proven compliance with the laboratory equipment standards
  • Momentary result
  • History of all tests is available
  • Results can be sent directly to your health care provider via any messenger or e-mail. You can also save the results in PDF and print them
  • Compact, weighs 160 g, easy to travel with
  • Automated voiding diary construction
  • Can be used in medical institution or at home

How to use


Place the uroflowmeter in package with zip-lock. Close the zip-lock


Place the uroflowmeter in the toilet lid that was put down


Press the button ON/OFF (a).

The green indicator will light up (b).


Place the urine container on top of the uroflowmeter


Press the button START (a).

The red indicator will light up (b).

The uroflowmeter is ready for recording

IMPORTANT! During the recording you should not touch the container, move the uroflowmeter and you should avoid contact of clothing with container and uroflowmeter.


Perform the urination in the container which stands on the uroflowmeter.


When urination is completed, press the button START (a).

The red indicator will turn off, the record is over, you can touch the container (b).

Remove the container, pour out the urine and clean the container (c).


Turn off the uroflowmeter by pressing the button ON/OFF (а).

The green indicator will turn off (b).

Put away the uroflowmeter until next measurement.

How to upload the results in the ETTA App


Press the button
«Upload data» (a)


After synchronization all results will be available on the App when pressing the button «My analyses» (a)


You can send your results to your health care provider when needed by pressing «SEND» at the bottom of the page (a) and choosing method of sending

How to upload the results in the Nethealth App


Upload the app Nethealth and register.


Turn on the uroflowmeter and Bluetooth on your smartphone.

Open the section “Uroflowmeter” in the App to find the device.


Everything is ready for receiving data from the device and sending them to your healthcare provider.

How to send the results to your doctor in the Nethealth App


After the synchronization, all the analyses can be seen by pressing the button “My analyses”.


After data uploading you can see it in analyses Newsline in the App and on the site Nethealth.ru.

Parameters calculated by our Flowselfie

  1. Records the start date and time of the analysis.
  2. Time from the start of the examination to the start of urination (delay time) (seconds).
  3. Calculates and displays average urination rate (ml/s).
  4. The maximum flow rate during urination (ml/s).
  5. Voided volume (ml).
  6. The total duration of urination (in seconds).
  7. The total time from the start of urination until the “STOP” button is turned off.
  8. Calculates and displays data in the form of a uroflowgram.
  9. Saves and chronologically numbers a series of uroflowgrams in the memory of a mobile device during the examination period.

Reviews and publications

When uroflowmetry is needed:

When uroflowmetry is needed:

  • Urinary incontinence of different aetiology
  • Frequent urination
  • Decrease of urine flow, weak, thin, and intermittent flow
  • Need for additional straining during urination

If the doctor recommended litholytic therapy or, to put it simply, dissolving stones using citrate mixtures, then read our tips that will help you achieve results

During pregnancy, the risk of kidney damage and the development of urinary infections increases. Home monitoring of urine analysis allows continuous monitoring of the mother's health.

Home monitoring of a general urine test allows you to reduce the risk of recurrent urinary infections and monitor the effectiveness of treatment.

How to promptly suspect an infection in a child? How to prevent the development of complications? And how to properly treat the disease? More about all this in our article.


  • 1. Are there any restrictions on the number of studies performed?
    • There are no restrictions. The memory of the device saves the results of 50 analyses. If there are more numbers of the analyses, you can upload them to the ETTA App or to the Nethealth App.
  • 2. What should I do if the device breaks?
    • We will replace it quickly and free. Although as clinical studies have shown, this situation has very low probability to happen.
  • 3. Should I buy special container for urine collection?
    • Yes, because a container is not included in the “FLOWSELFIE” set. The container should meet the following requirements% volume from 0,5 to 1,0 l ; weight up to 500 g; diameter of the opening from 8,5 to 25,0 cm; maximum total weight of filled container after the urination – 1,5 kg.
  • 4. Are there any contraindications for «FLOWSELFIE» use?
    • There are no contraindications.
  • 5. Are there any side effects of uroflowmetry?
    • There are no side effects.
  • 6. Is this a real uroflowmeter?
    • The uroflowmeter «FLOWSELFIE» is a real portable uroflowmeter which is designed for home uroflometry monitoring (first intended use) and private clinics equipment (second intended use). It has registration certificate as a medical device which was obtained in Roszdravnadzor in 2022. The uroflowmeter «FLOWSELFIE» is easy to use, and results can be applied in medical documents.
  • 7. How to check the uroflowmeter status?
    • Checking of the status is not provided online or offline.
  • 8. Warranty service
    • Warranty for the uroflowmeter «FLOWSELFIE» is 1 year. Each uroflowmeter has a unique serial number, and manufacturer can check the device buying date and information about customer.
  • 9. What the result of uroflowmetry looks like?
  • 10. How can I test the uroflowmeter?
    • Test of the uroflowmeter is not provided.
  • 11. How can healthcare provider learn how to use the uroflowmeter?
  • 12. How can patient learn how to use the uroflowmeter?



Interface for data transfer
Bluetooth, WIFI, the Internet
Time for results transfer and proceeding
10 seconds
Working time on AAA batteries
At least 100 analyses if timely turning of the device
Measurements, mm (LxWxH)
127 х 163 х 32
Device weight, g

How to purchase

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